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     Team F1-54, which indicates "Factory 1" Class.  Team Progression F1-54 runs with their state of the art 27-foot offshore boat. Driven by Progression Industries' President, Kevin Loughran teamed up with Scott Hodum on the throttles. This Progression 27 is a full-blown factory produced boat - identical in every respect from the hull they produce to the public. No compromises here; every Progression is 100% balsa cored with extensive use of exotic composites and AME 4000 series resin, coupled with 100% vacuum bagging technology to yield a hull unrivaled in strength and light weight. No hull blueprinting needed here - every Progression hull is race ready. In fact, this Progression offshore rig is so light, it carries several hundred pounds of extra ballast to fulfill the requirements of Factory One racing. 
    Factory 1 Class is known to be the most competitive offshore race class.  Each boat is powered by the same engine and drive, and all must be of identical weight.  Driver skill and hull design are what really wins here, and the fight for first place is a fierce one.

Driver: Kevin Loughran
Throttle: Scott Hodum
Model: Progression 27
Top Speed: 82 MPH
Power: Single Mercury HP500 EFI
Rigging: Pro Marine
Class: APBA Factory 1



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