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Welcome to Team Progression Offshore Racing.  Offshore powerboat racing is one of the fastest growing spectator sports, with thousands in attendance, and a competitive aura that is unlike any other sport.  Team Progression captures the spirit of this sport, with old fashioned teamwork and a desire to be only the best.  There are no shortcuts to victory in this sport, and Team Progression leads the competition with state-of-the-art hulls, and the most dedication possible to that constitution.
     Progression builds custom offshore powerboats that are the envy of the industry.  Every Progression hull is 100% balsa-cored for unrivaled strength, with use of exotic composites to yield a hull that is race ready, super strong, and extremely light.  Put simply, no other hull comes close to a Progression in every respect, and the timeless design of every Progression hull goes against the common ingredients of powerboating today - and this is a statement that every Progression owner makes on the water every time out.
     Team Progression invites you into our sport, and our passion.  Visit here for all official Team Progression news, coverage, and race results.  From photos of each race, to downloadable videos, will be your gateway to Offshore Powerboat Racing.  Thank you for visiting, and don't forget to check often for latest news


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